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No matter what kind of animal you've invited in to share your home, it would always enjoy a delicious treat once in a while. Your tiny pet loves a good nibble, but you need to make sure what it’s eating is best for it in nutritious value. It deserves the highest quality, healthiest treat that is not only nutritious but one that it will also enjoy eating.

Contrary to general opinion, treats stimulate appetite, help maintain a varied and nutritionally complete diet, provide ancillary vitamins and trace minerals that may be in short supply in your pet friend’s regular diet. Creating the perfect bonding opportunity for you and your pet, treats should not exceed more than 15% of it’s regular diet. They are known to be the perfect solution to cater to the natural foraging instincts of your tiny pet, keeping it’s dental health in check.

We, at Bharat International supply a wide range of delicious treats available in various textures, sizes and fun colours for your companion - choose them wisely!

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