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Wet Food

Cats have a reputation for being particular about what’s in their bowl. Many have favourite textures and flavours, and quickly turn up their noses at anything unusual. Touted to be one of the most convenient ways to serve a variety of tastes from various sources of protein, wet food is an essential part of your feline friend’s diet. We, at Bharat International are proud to supply a range of products with enticing aromas and irresistible textures that can feed all your cat's senses!

Our range of wet food products are designed around a cat’s nutritional needs and instinctive preferences, available in both canned or easy-to-use pouch forms. High in protein and moisture, these products let your cat source essential fluids from the food. Known to be easier to chew for cats with a sensitive stomach, this should be your first choice of preference catering to it’s palatability.

Explore all of nutritious varieties available at Bharat International, we only stock wet cat food from our favourite suppliers - which means you can feed your cat safely in the knowledge that we've only chosen the very best!

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