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Wet Food

Besides love and care, food is the most important factor in your pet’s life and it relies on you to provide it with this. While the array of foods available to your dog are many, the choices available may often overwhelm and confuse you. At Bharat International, we offer you some of the choicest wet food for dogs which cater to a variety of tastebuds, breeds, ages and health requirements.

Made from juicy bits of meat, wet food has high moisture content and often tends to be enjoyed by all dogs because it is made primarily of protein and fat, with few carbohydrates. With high palatability because of it’s meaty flavour, wet food is often a smart choice for your fussy pooch. Consumed as a meal or as a supplement to dry food, wet food is easily digested and provides your furry friend with balanced nutrition.

A range of gourmet wet foods are available at Bharat International to satisfy your pooch’s hunger pangs. With a variety of brands providing gobsmacking taste, rest assured your pet will lick his bowl clean!

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