Vitapol Food For Big Parrots 20 Kgs

Vitapol Food For Big Parrots  20 Kgs

Unit Size: 20 Kgs
Rs. 9900

A delightful mix of seeds, fruits and vegetables, Vitapols’ Food for Big Parrots provides a rich balanced diet and is perfect to support the nutritional needs of your pet bird. Nutritionally balanced to help improve the digestive tract, protect the nervous system and help develop and maintain shiny feathers, this healthy blend is packed with an abundance of vitamins and necessary minerals. After all, a healthy parrot is a happy parrot!


  • Rich composition of complete balanced food, fulfils nutritional needs of large parrots
  • Includes fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamins and minerals and a mixture of nuts supporting the nervous system


  • Weight – 25 kgs
  • Suitable for – Big Parrots


  • Striped sunflower seed, white sunflower seed, mung beans, red sorghum, wheat flour, white sorghum, pumpkin seed, peanut, rosehip, dehydrated carrot, dehydrated beetroot, hawthorn berry, bean flakes, safflower, corn flakes, hemp seed, peanut, pea flakes, bakery yeast, natural food colorants allowed in the E.U.