Vitapol Food For Hamsters 1 Kgs

Vitapol Food For Hamsters  1 Kgs

Unit Size: 1 Kgs
Rs. 335

Most likely to appeal to the palate of your inquisitive, gentle-natured loving pet, Vitapols' Food for Hamster is a wholesome diet containing specially-chosen natural ingredients. A perfect blend of hearty cereal, fortified seeds and protein-rich vegetables, this flavoursome diet is easily digested and promotes an optimum balance of nutrients enabling natural foraging behaviour. Available in a big super-saver pack of 1 kilogram, this delicious blend is sure to be a favourite. After all, a healthy hamster is a happy hamster!


  • Complete easily digestible food containing high quality seeds and grains
  • Enriched with granulates & vegetables–source of vitamins, minerals, pectins & carotenes
  • Provides necessary minerals and vitamins while maintaining ideal weight of hamster
  • Contains natural fiber for better intestinal peristalsis


  • Quantity  -  1 Kg
  • Suitable for - Hamster


  • Wheat, barley, wheat bran, alfalfa meal, sunflower extracted meal, grain products and middlings, striped sunflower seed, dehydrated carrot, carob, corn flakes, oat groats, corn, flax seed, dehulled pumpkin seed, peanut, pea flakes, wheat flakes, rice crisps, corn flour, wheat flour, grass meal, rye bran, beet pulp, thyme, oats, carotene.


  • Store in a cool, dry place