Vitapol Fruit Food For Big Parrots 900 Gms

Vitapol Fruit Food For Big Parrots  900 Gms

Unit Size: 900 gms
Rs. 1175

Power packed with fruity goodness, Vitapols’ Fruit Food for Big Parrots is a delicious and healthy treat specially made for your big beaked friend. This fruity blend of coconut, apricots, papaya, apple and pineapple contains the goodness of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and pectin to keep your bird healthy. A sought after food supplement, this enriches your parrot’s meals and keeps your bird happy. After all, a healthy parrot is a happy parrot!


  • Supplementary food which includes the best quality ripe fruit
  • Includes papaya which is rich in vitamin C and folic acid, pineapple that supports the digestive system, coconut that provides a valuable protein and apricot which has valuable carotenes
  • Contains nuts that support the nervous system due to the presence of Vitamin E and magnesium


  • Weight - 900 gms
  • Suitable for – Big Parrots


  • Dried pineapple, dried banana, dehydrated apple, coconut chips, dried apricot, dried papaya, raisins, dried cherry, dehydrated orange peel