Vitapol Nut Smakers For Rodents 45 Gms

Vitapol Nut Smakers For Rodents 45 Gms

Unit Size: 45 gms
Rs. 75

A must-have treat for your tiny little friend, Vitapols' Nut Smakers for Rodents comes in a palatable flavour providing a daily protein-rich diet consisting of a variety of nuts. Highly induced with Vitamin E and B, this infusion consists of a premium quality of nuts that are a rich source of essential unsaturated fatty acids, making them the most scrumptious smakers in a single packet. They are bound to help you undertake frequent changes in a balanced diet. After all, a healthy pet is a happy pet!


  • Perfect supplement of ever day diet rich in nuts – source of Vitamin E and B which protects nervous system
  • Contains unsaturated fatty acids
  • Allows more frequent diet changes


  • Quantity  - 45 Gms
  • Suitable for - Rodents


Store in cool dry place